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Public Relations

At Digital Transformer, we take great pride in our ability to elevate the value of companies and brands through carefully crafted strategies. Our dedicated team of industry professionals is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals while delivering sustainable, long-term results. Our approach is rooted in innovation and adaptability, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving business landscape.

About Digital Transformer's Public Relations Services

While public relations and marketing work together, they each have their own distinct purposes. Public relations aims to improve the public’s opinion of a company. Conversely, revenue growth is the primary objective of any marketing effort.
The objectives of our public relations strategies are to:-

Sequencing Success: How Digital Transformer Enhances Your PR Journey

Our public relations (or, brand-building) exercise begins from the very moment you empanel Digital Transformer as your public relations agency. The steps we take in strategizing your public relations exercise are done logically, in the following sequence:

Brand Analysis and Planning your Public Relations Strategy

After a meticulous study of your brand, the sector in which you are a player, your target audiences and their needs, and the goals of your brand, we develop a robust public relations and social media strategy that is tailor-made to obtain your goals.

Leveraging Our Relationships in Media and with Industry Experts

We then use our deep-rooted relations in media (both offline and online), with industry experts, and other stakeholders help you find the relevant platforms where you can be projected as a thought leader by broadcasting your thought articles and opinions. To ghostwrite such articles and thoughts, we have a team comprising writers specialising in various sectors. Once you approve of the pieces written by them we broadcast them.


This is the most critical part of any public relations exercise. Storytelling is what really engages your audience because instead of telling them technical and industrial details, it tells audiences how your products or services can fill need-gaps they are facing. Thus, we create stories around your brand and also incorporate your brand into various other stories wherever it fits well.

Result Analysis

In regular intervals, as your campaign proceeds, we provide you detailed results in measurable metrics. This allows you to gauge the measure of success of your public relations exercise. If, in the rare case, you decide to shift goalposts mid-way through the campaign depending on changes in the market, we make changes in the strategy created for you to suit your requirements.

Our Services

Brand Management

Our detail-oriented team meticulously translates client expectations into visionary deliverables, driving essential communication initiatives that ultimately yield substantial benefits for the client's business. With our seasoned expertise, we excel at transforming prospects into enduring solutions.

Harmonizing brand promotion with TEAM- DT guidelines.

  • We create engaging brand stories

Each consumer possesses a natural inclination toward stories that resonate with them. An authentic brand narrative has the power to forge a deep emotional connection with your audience, ensuring that they not only relate to your brand but also form more positive associations with it. This is because a genuine story is something everyone can empathize with.

  • We Specialise in Creating a Personal Connect Between Your Brand and its Present and Potential Consumers.

Branding involves various intangible elements, some within a brand’s control, and others not. The significance of a brand to an everyday consumer evolves from their subconscious blend of numerous interactions with the product or service over time. Consumers tend to exhibit greater loyalty when a brand acknowledges and appreciates the significance of a personal connection in its marketing and business approaches.


Reputation Management

At DT, we recognize the pivotal role a company's online reputation plays in influencing consumer choices. We continuously monitor it to empower clients in shaping public perception and addressing issues as they emerge. Fostering a positive image is key to customer loyalty.

A negative reputation can harm sales, yet it provides insights to enhance operations. DT conducts research and values client feedback, integrating it into our comprehensive brand management strategy.

Our brand management reputation strategy includes the following steps:

  • Brand Research and Audit

Our brand reputation enhancement journey begins with a thorough research and audit process. We delve into web discussions, consumer reviews, social media sentiment, and search engine rankings to understand how people perceive our clients’ brands. We also scrutinize competitors’ strategies, ensuring genuine consumer feedback is distinguished from malicious or inauthentic remarks.

  •  Create a Brand Management Strategy

After understanding consumer perceptions, we develop a strategy to enhance the brand’s reputation. If negative feedback prevails, we focus on improving consumer interactions through a unified management approach. We conduct ongoing investigations, engage with frontline teams, and monitor online discussions to address consumer concerns effectively.

  • Defusing Tensions: Our Brand Management Superpower

If we cannot maintain a consistent tone while responding to comments and dialogues about a customer, we might as well not bother. For example, if a client responds to criticism brutally and replies to nice comments with sugar coated replies, it will do more harm than good. We design a consistent tone guide that the client uses when answering and stick to it.

  • We do Constant Analysis and Streamlining of the Brand Management Process

DT responds to comments, critiques, and reviews, adapting brand strategies as consumer sentiments change. Online feedback guides where a client’s business needs attention. We heed both praise and criticism, focusing on swift responses and ongoing strategy adjustments. Managing a client’s internet reputation is continual vigilance, as resolved issues can resurface. Our brand reputation team remains a vigilant watchdog.

Government and Public Affairs

In the past, lobbyists and PR experts held sway in influence campaigns, relying on personal networks. Today, with decision-making influenced by numerous actors, choosing the right PR professionals is essential.

DT recognizes the necessity of both prominence and relevance in PR agency selection. We analyze relationships and navigate blurred lines between stakeholders, decision-makers, and customers. We employ three Government and Public Affairs strategies, adapting to a landscape where non-traditional actors often wield more influence than traditional institutions.

Brand Management

Our meticulously detail-oriented team streamlines client expectations into forward-thinking deliverables, which help to advance crucial communication initiatives and ultimately benefit the client’s business. Our seasoned Bus-Dev crew is skilled at turning possibilities into long-term answers.

About our branding and brand management services

We are experts at developing promotional (call it “marketing” if you wish) plans to preserve, enhance, and raise public knowledge about a company’s brand and its product’s or services’ long-term worth and reputation. The brand-management guidelines that we have in place ensure that all members of team-DT are on the same page when it comes to promoting the company’s brand. We develop and maintain a more personal bond between the brand and its consumers through the use of new-age methods.The result is an increase in sales (and, therefore, revenues) and improving the image, which in turn translates into creating a loyal consumer base that have no qualms about advocate for a brand and its products and services.
To do so, the following two steps are what we take:

Reputation Management Service

It’s undeniable that a consumer’s perception of a company or brand can affect whether or not they choose to purchase a product or service, and for almost any company, that perception is formed in the digital realm in today’s day and age. Managing a brand’s online reputation means keeping tabs on how its consumers see it online, and also respond strategically if and when the brand needs any damage control. Our brand reputation management service focuses on keeping our clients’ good names in reviews, on social media, and in Google’s search results. Management of one’s online reputation depends heavily on online reviews and consumer engagement in social media platforms. It takes consumers, on average, 10 reviews of a local business before they start trusting it.

About our Brand Reputation Management Services

Because a company’s online reputation can have a significant impact on potential consumers’ purchasing decisions, we keep tabs on it on a frequent basis. This is an ongoing process because it gives clients the chance to shape public opinion and deal with any negative developments, if and when they arise. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a brand when they have a favourable impression of it.F

A negative reputation can be devastating to sales and customer retention, but it also helps you learn about what people enjoy, which can be important for upgrading corporate operations to better suit consumer needs. DT often conducts research and listens in on client-related discussions to gauge consumer sentiments about the brand. Client feedback is taken very, very seriously by DT’s brand reputation management team and these inputs are implemented in the brand management masterplan., give me in short discription.

Our Brand Management Reputation Strategy Comprises the following Steps:

Government and Public Affairs

Public affairs encompass an organization’s diverse efforts to engage with the public, spanning politics, public relations, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Its primary aim is to influence public policy, connect with lawmakers, and monitor stakeholder groups. Client-centricity is paramount, and DT Government and Public Relations team excels in addressing these multifaceted brand needs.
We adopt an all-encompassing strategy to directly engage with our client’s target audience, transcending individual ownership to prioritize relationship-building. This approach shifts the focus from selling relationships to constructing enduring ones. While it may demand time and effort, the benefits far outweigh the investment, making it an invaluable tool in the ever-evolving global landscape.

About our Government and Public Affairs Services

In the past, lobbyists and PR experts held sway in influence campaigns, relying on personal networks. Today, with decision-making influenced by numerous actors, choosing the right PR professionals is essential. DT recognizes the necessity of both prominence and relevance in PR agency selection. We analyze relationships and navigate blurred lines between stakeholders, decision-makers, and customers. We employ three Government and Public Affairs strategies, adapting to a landscape where non-traditional actors often wield more influence than traditional institutions.
There are three strategies we follow (described below) for Government and Public Affairs. These strategies are described below.

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